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san andres and providence cruises


San Andres and Providencia Archipelago
UNESCO’s declared as a Biosphere Reserve, is located 480 nautical miles Northeast of the Caribbean Colombian Coast. It is composed by the Islands of San Andres and Providencia and Santa Catalina, and the Bolivar, Albuquerque, Cotton, Haynes, Johnny, Serrana, Serranilla, Quitasueno, Rocky Crab keys and the sand banks of Alicia and Bajo Nuevo.

With the exception of the two major islands, San Andres and Providencia, most of the Archipelago is uninhabited or barely habited by Colombian Marine Soldiers. The Archipelago is truly a Paradise to Explore.

San Andres
This island is still one of the best kept secrets in The Caribbean. Visitors will find exceptional diving in in its warm crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, duty free shopping, night life, hotels for all tastes and budgets and relaxation.

Because its multiethnic background San Andres also offers a colorful cultural experience in terms of food and arts. Spanish is the official language, but residents speak English. Salsa, soka, calypso and reggae float in the environment of this place.

Providencia and Santa Catalina
These two islands are located 50 nautical miles North of San Andres. Providencia and Santa Catalina are considered two of the most beautiful islands in The Caribbean. Very well preserved Native forest covers their hills. Around the two islands, by the beach or the hills there are several settlements with that show traditional Caribbean Architecture.

In Providencia and Santa Catalina one of the largest reserve of coral reefs in the continent can be found.

Serrana and La Piscinita (The Little Pool)
This island is just the visible part of this immense coral atoll that is about 27 nautical miles long by 13 nautical miles wide. The whole place is to be explored in terms of diving and snorkeling. This place is also ideal to practice kitesurfing.

It is very difficult to describe so much natural beauty and biodiversity richness, barely inhabited by a bunch of Colombian Navy Marines. Its white sand beaches could be amongst the most beautiful around the world.

Apparently this place was home for Pedro Serrano, a castaway from a Spanish Galleon that sank close to this island in 1528.

La Piscinita is another place of the Ultramar Colombian Territories that is worth to see and to explore.

This Atoll contains several sand banks that don’t breach the surface enough to sustain vegetation. Another place that shows and explosion of life in its coral reefs and dramatic sea water colors.


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