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Cartagena is a magical, romantic city of cobble stone streets and picturesque balconies full of bright bougainvillea. Founded in 1533, Cartagena is not only rich in beauty, but also has a colorful history of pirates and international adventure.

The jewel of the Colombia Caribbean, Cartagena is a delicious mix of old and new, with a touch of romance, history and intrigue.

Here is the place to enjoy a horse drawn carriage ride, explore the maze of historical cobbled alleys or people watch in one of the many outdoor cafes.

Colombia Ecoturismo cruises normally don’t set sail from Cartagena, but our home ports for our operations in the Caribbean (Covenas and Santa Marta) are hours away via land transportation from Cartagena. We also have preferred rates available with hotels in Cartagena, or on some itineraries, it is possible to either board the ship early or extend your stay aboard one night. For information about accommodation options in Cartagena, speak with our reservations specialist when booking your cruise.

This fascinating country has a lot to offer for even the most demanding visitor. Panama has few rivals in the quantity and quality of its tourist attractions: fifteen hundred islands on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, the planets most nature-rich, accessible rain forests, spectacularly beautiful mountains and highlands, historical sites from a rich past as an international crossroads, seven living native cultures and a cosmopolitan capital city with a non-stop nightlife.

Not to mention the mega attraction: The Panama Canal. Sport fishing, diving, adventure, rafting, kayaking, birding, historic tours and nature treks are some of the activities considered world-class.

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Archipelago de San Bernardo
Inhabited mainly by fisherman, the San Bernardo Archipelago is made of small coral islands and is popular for a wide diversity of marine life and bird species. Palma Island is home to the Palma Island Ecological Park – Aquarium and offers the perfect opportunity to the marine fauna and regional bird species up close.

On the other hand, more than 800 people live in an area of less than one hectare in Ceizen and in Santa Cruz del Islote, the most densely populated island in the world. Múcura, which supplies the entire archipelago with water, has a handsome town known as Chapudún.

Lastly, the island of Tintipán with its corals offers practitioners of deep sea diving the opportunity to admire a large variety of fish and coral formations.

Capurgana & Sapzurro
The two towns are about one hour walk apart, and each one has a different charm. Capurgana is a little bit more developed than Sapzurro. Located almost in the borderline with Panama, these two magical places have the perfect combination of native forest, little bays surrounded by hills, unspoiled white sand beaches and rock cliffs.

The scenery is breathtaking as you walk through the surrounding areas of both towns. There is a place by the cliffs known as “La Piscina de los Dioses”, the “Gods Pool”, is kind of a natural Jacuzzi sculpted in the rocks by the waves, several waterfalls, the best of them is “La Cascada del Cielo”, the Heaven’s Waterfall.

Diving and snorkeling spots are great. Locals are very friendly and it is very easy to find fresh seafood in both towns.


The boat is available to be chartered by groups and special events. Contact us for more information (read more …)



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