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If you haven’t been to Colombia yet, we suggest you start planning a trip right now.

We were recently invited to an event organized by Proexport Colombia — the Colombian government’s entity responsible for promoting investment, exportation and tourism – to see all the work that routinely goes into making Colombia an appealing travel destination. After what we saw, we were convinced to put it on our “must-visit” list.

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit (and why we’re packing our bags right now):

1) Safety: According to the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs, “Security in Colombia has improved significantly in recent years, including in tourist and business travel destinations such as Cartagena and Bogota.”

The country’s troubled past is behind it and the nation has transformed itself into a largely secure and stable travel destination.

2) Unique Experiences: The country’s new international travel campaign, “Colombia, Realismo Mágico” was recently launched and the concept behind it was explained during our trip.

Realismo Magico, which translates to Magical Realism, describes the one-of-a-kind adventures, unspoilt nature venues, awe-inspiring wild life, and locales steeped in unique culture and history that make up the Colombian experience. Tourists will feel like they’ve stepped out of the everyday world and into a fantasy realm. Disconnect, discover and satisfy your curiosities in a Caribbean paradise. What more can you ask for?

3) The people: One of the best things about traveling to a new place is connecting with the locals, and according to US Tourism Director Claudia Davila, Colombia has one fantastic group of locals. Connect with the welcoming, kind, and diverse people of Colombia to make your travels even more memorable.

4) Proximity to the US: Colombia’s location makes it an appealing choice for American travelers. Located only a few hours away by air with dozens of direct, non-stop flights from major American cities, travelers have incredible ease of transportation. Spend your time exploring and experiencing the wonders of Colombia, not at the airport.

5) Effort: Proexport’s recent event was an excellent example of all the effort and work that is put into making Colombia the wonderful travel destination that it is. The event matched businesses with prospective buyers. Representatives from the travel sectors, including local hotel chains like Hotel Cartagena Plaza, airliners such as Avianca and even major travel cities such as Bogotá, were in attendance. Entrepreneurs from various textile, manufacture and agribusiness sectors were holding exhibitions as well.

In addition the investment arm was there, and Juan Carlos Gonzalez, the Vice President of Proexport for Foreign Investment, told us “Colombia offers a great opportunity to US investors in many sectors including hotel and tourism” due to its growing economy and attractive market status in Latin America. All of this means a bigger and better travel experience for tourists!

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